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Choose functionalities (modules) that you want to include in the valuation of the LOG Plus.

License Extensions:

The system administrator has full rights to the application. Manages system configuration and integration, manages users, edits process templates.

Additional system administrator

Process designers have extended user rights with the option of editing process templates - designing their own flows and forms, specifying permissions to run processes, determining responsibility for processes

Additional process designer

The process template is a process pattern (form, tasks, implementers). Based on the template, all subsequent processes launched by its users will be implemented. Examples: Application for access, Employment of an employee

Additional process templates

A user with access to his own processes and tasks - those that he implements or has submitted for implementation. He also sees the resources assigned to him.

Additional Users

Users using the mobile application dedicated to ITSM - FlowBoard)

Additional users of the mobile application

Collect information about IT infrastructure in your organization. Choose additional parameters to increase the range of LOG Plus software.

Additional computers

Additional mobile devices

Additional servers

License configuration

License Type:


Technical support period (months)


Organization category


License for {{employeesNumber}} employees, including:

System administrators:

{{1 + (adminsNumber-0)}}

ITSM (FlowBoard) process designers:

{{1 + (designersNumber-0)}}

ITSM (FlowBoard) process template:

{{10 + (templatesNumber-0)}}

LOG Plus Users:

{{(employeesNumber-0) + (usersNumber-0)}}

ITSM (FlowBoard) mobile app Users:

{{(employeesNumber/10 +(mobileUsersNumber-0))| customNumber}}

Agents for computers:

{{(employeesNumber/10*9 +(agentsNumber-0))| customNumber}}

Agents for mobile devices:

{{(employeesNumber/10 +(mobileAgentsNumber-0))| customNumber}}

Agents on servers:

{{(employeesNumber/100*3 +(serverAgentsNumber-0))| customNumber}}

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