Licensing rules

Software tailored to the needs of your organisation! Optimal selection of licenses for system functions and resources that are covered by the software.

Basic license

Basic license for LOG software is a base for efficient management of IT resources in an organisation. The cost of the license depends on the number of PC resources (computers and servers). Check the functional scope of the Basic License.

Module License

A set of additional functionalities for the Basic License of the LOG Software. Cost of module licenses: CMDB, License Management SAM, Computer Surveillance, User Surveillance, Screen Surveillance, Data Carrier Management, Computer Management, Work Automation, Report Management, Warehouse Management, depends on the number of PC resources (computers and servers). In the case of the GDPR Registries module, the cost of the licence is based on the number of employees, and in the case of the Identity Management module – on the number of identities.

Helpdesk License

LOG software module, the cost of which depends on the number of Administrators and Operators (Service Providers). The Helpdesk administrator is a user who has the right to administer the system in terms of adding users, configuring system parameters, creating password policy, configuring e-mail servers and rules. Check the scope of functions of the Helpdesk and Helpdesk Professional modules.

Enterprise License

The LOG Software License can be described as unlimited in two cases. The first one assumes an unlimited number of users using a particular module. The second is the Enterprise License, which refers to an unlimited number of resources, such as computers, servers and users. Therefore, you can use the no-limit license in two ways - for the module or for the entire LOG (Enterprise) software. The no-limit license for LOG and Helpdesk software. In the case of LOG, the license includes an unlimited number of PC resources (computers and servers), and in the case of Helpdesk, an unlimited number of Administrators and Operators (Service Providers). LOG Systems customers may also purchase individual no-limit modules (e.g. GDPR Registry).

Basic license

In order to simplify the method of calculating the cost of a license, we assumed one factor to calculate its configuration, i.e. the number of employees. Based on this factor, the system suggests configuration of individual, selected modules. Each customer can adjust this configuration to their own needs.

Modules License

Additional functionalities in LOG Plus. Select those that suit your organisation in terms of scope: CMDB, SAM, GDPR, ITSM, IdM, data warehouse, monitoring and remote management.


Adjust the scope of the Basic license to the needs of your organisation. You can expand your offer with additional resources: workstations, servers, mobile devices, network devices and printers.