Simple reporting of problems and tasks

An ITSM tool that combines ServiceDesk and Helpdesk functions. It allows you to report any problem or incident. It streamlines the work of the IT department by assigning tasks to appropriate people. It is also perfect for business departments, where the time of request processing (e.g. SLA, GDPR) plays a key role.

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Benefits of the ITSM (FlowBoard)

Single point of contact

SPOC – a single point of contact that streamlines the reporting process across the organisation.

Priorities for cases and tasks

Accepted applications are categorised according to the priorities for their implementation.

Management of requests

Efficiently manage requests by assigning tasks to the right people.

Control of implementation time

Supervision over the time of task implementation in relation to the priorities assigned and SLA agreements.

Request implementation status

Preview of the progress of tasks at each stage of the request implementation.

Efficient communication

Effective contact between the applicant and the person executing the request.

Acceptance of tasks

Approval of tasks by decision-makers and acceptance quorums.

  • Ready-made process catalogue (based on ITIL practices)
  • Request management
  • Incident management
  • Problem management
  • Change management
  • Task management
  • Procurement management
  • Knowledge base
  • User access to knowledge about owned resources, accesses, permissions, etc.
  • SLA contract management
  • Modern acceptance engine
  • Team work plan
  • Calendar of planned changes
  • Modern dashboards for users
  • Helpdesk work automation (business rules)
  • Management of supervisors
  • Management of observers
  • Advanced helpdesk management functions
  • Graphical process editor (possibility to create any workflow with the use of the graphical editor and using XML)
  • Calendar management
  • Agent labour cost management
  • Management of more than one domain controller
  • Management of more than one mail receiving and sending server
  • Message receipt rules management