Efficient management of access to services and applications

The IdM module is a combination of processes, technologies and policies. It allows system administrators to efficiently manage access to services and applications. In addition, it supports protection against unauthorised access and consequent data leakage.

Functions of the Identity Management module:

  • Identity management;
  • IT system management;
  • Management of access to IT systems;
  • Access request forms;
  • Management of permission roles;
  • Possibility of importing permissions;
  • Verification of permissions;
  • Permission audits;
  • Control of exclusions in permissions.

The Identity Management Module is a solution designed for organisations of all sizes that are looking for an active tool to manage access rights to information. The module consists of procedures that define who should have access to resources and what permissions they have in relation to them.

The solution can also be widely used wherever methods of automation of permission management processes and implementation of systematised permission models are sought. If only due to the cyclical nature of the process, which should be constantly supervised and verified, the validity of the rights granted to users should be verified.

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Risk management

Risk management and compliance with applicable regulations.

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Periodic verification of permissions and access rights held by employees.

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Procedures and regulations

Compliance with and enforcement of procedures and regulations.

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Organization security

Increase in the security level of the organisation.

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Cost reduction

Centralisation of information and procedures for dealing with users.

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Access management and reporting

Efficient management of access to services and applications.