The products offered by LOG Systems are tools supporting the work of IT and business departments. Check how the application of solutions will translate into the success of your organisation!


LOG Plus

LOG Plus is a breakthrough solution in Software Assets Management. It is based on a new technology that allows you to use the SAM module from a browser or mobile device. LOG Plus is primarily a tool that can be used by both a technician and a business employee.

  • modern system for managing SAM licenses,
  • ergonomic and intuitive user interface,
  • accessible from a browser or mobile devices,
  • implementation of mechanisms supporting business processes without advanced IT knowledge.
Moduły i funkcje

Modules and functions

GDPR has access to the registers necessary to meet the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation. It supports the management of the register of processing activities, datasets, rights, security rules, and supports the performance of risk analysis.
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SAM a set of best practices for the management and optimisation of software. It helps to properly settle licenses, even those located in the cloud. Properly conducted analysis of software in an organisation secures company data.
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HELPDESK allows you to report incidents, grant privileges, automate the delegation of tasks in processes, or link reports with resources. A simple graphic editor helps to create process templates unique to a given organisation.
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IdM is a set of procedures defining access to particular applications and programs. The module allows you to increase the security level of the organisation or improve the quality of services provided under SLA agreements.
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We provide a number of additional services that affect the quality of LOG software usage. We support organisations in the field of technical support, system maintenance and service, as well as during the software implementation process.