The support of the software manufacturer is very important for the correct operation of the system, but also for the protection of company data. Apart from spreading knowledge about ITSM, SAM and GDPR, we cannot imagine not supporting our customers in the use of the LOG system. 


The Maintenance service means support for the software through an on-line channel, access to a full update of the database of templates, dictionaries, reports, scripts, configuration files and others. It also provides access to the latest released versions during the service life of the purchased module configuration.

Licensing rules

Maintenance must be purchased for the entire licence. Payment for the support service should be made before the next basic licence expires and no later than 30 days after purchase. Failure to pay the fee on time or extension of the service after the expiry of the previous period gives the Manufacturer the right to charge additional fees as stated in the General Terms and Conditions.


SLA support rules