In order to achieve long-term, close and comprehensive cooperation with customers, we want to provide services in our company at the highest level. In order to meet these requirements, we use a proven methodology, which is a guarantee of effective and efficient implementation of solutions.

On the basis of many years of project experience, we have concluded that the “Made-to-measure” methodology (hereinafter referred to as “MTM”) is a guarantee of achieving optimal and lasting results. We took this term from the field of professional, regular tailoring, meaning “fit to the figure”. In accordance with this philosophy of operation, we are able to provide a ready-made, very complex functional solution (covering the scope of Software Asset Management, GDPR and ITIL), which is tailored to the client’s organisation in terms of the required modules and the necessary parameterisation.

System startup

Starting the system with the MTM methodology assumes undertaking actions aimed at installing the system together with selected elements according to a constant pattern of conduct. The customer very quickly receives an advanced solution out of the box, which only requires work to adjust the solution to the organisation (parameterisation).

Additional requirements

Additional requirements exceeding the standard parameterisation are priced separately and implemented outside the main project. This is an ideal combination of one-size-fits-all solutions offered on the market, with tailor-made implementations, where the duration and costs far exceed the expected benefits.

Form of software delivery

The software is delivered in the following form:

  • installation files,
  • virtual or physical appliance.